Why Medicine and a Healthy Diet Might Not Resolve Fertility Problems

fertility problems

If you have been trying to get pregnant for a while and it is not happening and facing fertility problems, chances are that you have tried so many things already. You have been to the doctors, done lots of tests, eaten foods that you have been told are great for conception and taken this or that medication and supplements.

If you have done all this and you are still not getting pregnant and facing fertility problems, don’t despair or give up. I know it is easier said than done, I know because I have been there. I still want to tell you that you can still get pregnant. Don’t give up. Like anything we really want, we can’t allow obstacles to stop us. We also need to be pro-active. If something hasn’t worked, keep an open mind and try something else.

It doesn’t matter that your friend, your sister, your in-law, your cousin got pregnant easily (even when they eat junk, smoke etc.). It is your own journey to get pregnant that matters and as with anything in this life, we all have our own individual journeys.

If you are willing to try something a bit different, easy and natural, I want to show you an approach that has worked for me and several other women. It is a natural approach that takes into consideration not just your diet or supplements but every part of you. You see a lot of fertility problems have some of hormonal imbalance at their roots and medications are not usually enough to resolve them.

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A more balanced and natural approach can work for you just like it has worked for other women. This approach entails being balanced in different aspects of yourself. A lot of emphasis is placed on physical solutions but hormonal imbalances can be caused by non-physical realities like stress, lack of sleep, relationship strains, even your beliefs have impact on your fertility problems. This is because you are one person with different areas of your life that intersect. For instance, when you are happy, and less stressed you are more likely to be healthy. I want to encourage you to look into different aspects of your life and make sure you are being the best happy version of yourselves. By this I mean, not just your diet and supplements, but your work, relationships too.

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