Conceiving Naturally


Conceiving Naturally: A natural approach to fulfilling God’s mandate to ‘be fruitful & multiply’


Bridget Marie O. Alabi

You know God calls you to ‘Be fruitful and multiply…’ (Gen 1:28) but you are struggling to do so. Or perhaps you are simply interested in preparing for conception and would like to do so natural. This book explains how you can conceive your baby naturally the way God intended.

Using the New Eve Method, you will be taught how to become the best version of yourself and the woman God created you to be so that you can conceive more easily. The book contains practical strategies you can apply to take control of your fertility today.


Conceiving Naturally: A natural approach to fulfilling God’s mandate to ‘be fruitful & multiply’


Bridget Marie O. Alabi

  1. Preface

Be fruitful and multiply… (Gen 1:28). God gave us this mandate from the very beginning. And because He doesn’t lay heavy burdens on us without lifting a finger to help us (cf. Matt 23:4), He gave us all we needed to fulfil this mandate.

Unfortunately, original sin happened; and we lost our natural harmony. We lost the harmony between ourselves and God, between man and woman, between us and the earth and even within ourselves. Among other things, giving birth was going to be painful (Gen 3:16).

But God did not abandon us; He immediately promised us His Son to redeem us (Gen 3:15). This is why we are not without hope. Even when things do not go the way they should, we know that we can always count on His grace. But in order to have the family He wants us to have, we have to try to become the best versions of ourselves. We need to reclaim the natural harmony that God created us with from the beginning. In other words, we need to become new Eves.

This book is based on the New Eve Method; a combination of natural strategies that help women to achieve the health and confidence they need to become new Eves. It is designed to help you regain the natural harmony we lost after original sin so that having a baby can be much easier.

This book is my version of conceiving a baby naturally. It is a product of my personal experience, reflection and my work with thousands of women. Where I think you might benefit from more in-depth reading, I have recommended some excellent books.

This book makes many references to Christian principles but most women, regardless of their faith, can use this book to improve their chances of a successful conception. This is because research from eminent universities, such as Harvard and Oxford, have discovered that 80% of couples can improve their chances of conception by making specific lifestyle changes and this book can help you to achieve that. Even where medical intervention is necessary, you will still benefit from the natural and healthy approach that this book provides.

I hope that you find this book useful. I wish you a fruitful, fulfilling and happy mummy-hood just like God intended!


Bridget Marie O. Alabi

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction

1.1. My Approach

1.2. Preparing for Conception

Chapter 2. The New Eve Union: Connecting & Reconnecting with He Who Loved You First

2.1. Why God Created Us

2.2. Why is this important when you are trying to conceive?

2.3. How to foster a deep union with God

2.4. The Example of Jesus’ Mother, Mary

Chapter 3. The New Eve Confidence: Resolving Mental and Emotional Blocks

3.1. Trying to Conceive for the First Time

3.2. Trying to conceive, but it is not happening

3.3. Previously terminated pregnancies and now struggling to conceive

3.4. Conceived before but has suffered recurrent miscarriages and/stillbirths

Chapter 4. The New Eve Diet: Nourishing Your Body for Conception

4.1. Why Nutrition is Important

4.2. What is the New Eve Diet?

4.3. How Much of These Foods Should You Eat?

4.4. The Wild Card

4.5. The Use of Herbs and Supplements

4.6. What’s weight got to do with it?

Chapter 5. The New Eve Rhythm: Understanding and Supporting your Monthly & Daily Cycles

5.1. Knowing Your Menstrual Cycle

5.2. Your Daily Rhythm

Chapter 6. The New Eve Influence – Creating an Environment that Supports you

6.1. What is stress?

6.2. Identifying Toxic Stress

6.3. Managing Stress

Chapter 7. When There are Problems Conceiving

7.1. Unexplained Infertility

7.2. Recurrent Miscarriages

7.3. Fibroids/endometriosis

7.4. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

7.5. Male Infertility

Chapter 8: Conclusion

8.1. Your Journey to Becoming a New Eve

8.2. Motherhood – A role that transcends giving birth to a child

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