Becoming Mum Again


Becoming Mum Again:

Healing Naturally from Pregnancy Loss to have the Family God Wants You to Have 


Bridget Marie O. Alabi

You have lost a very cherished baby and as if that was not bad enough, you are now struggling to conceive again. Drawing on her personal experience and her extensive research, Bridget Marie shows you how you can use the New Eve Method to heal naturally from pregnancy loss to conceive a healthy baby.

The mandate to have a family is from God when He told us to ‘be fruitful & multiply’ (Gen 1:28). It is He who knows the family He has called you to have. In this book, you will learn to re-connect with God and become the best version of yourself just like He created you to be. You will also learn effective natural strategies to improve your chances of a healthy conception after pregnancy loss.


Becoming Mum Again:

Healing Naturally from Pregnancy Loss to have the Family God Wants You to Have 


Bridget Marie O. Alabi

  1. Preface

Hello, my dear friend,

You have been through pregnancy loss, maybe even more than once. It has been a very difficult journey and it seems to be even more difficult because you are still struggling to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby. At this point, it seems like it might never happen; and you are your wits’ end. Perhaps you have done so many medical tests, taken the best supplements and medication, and still nothing!

I know the pain of losing a pregnancy, I understand the apprehension that you might never be able to have a healthy baby. I just want to remind you that God does not give you burdens that you cannot carry. He Himself called you to ‘Be fruitful and multiply…’ (Gen1:28). Original sin happened and so we lost our natural and God-given harmony to have children, childbearing became more difficult (Gen 3:16). But God did not leave us without hope. He promised us His Son for our redemption (Gen 3:15) and because His Son came, we are filled with hope. Hope that we can regain the natural harmony we lost at the Garden of Eden; hope that we can become new Eves and so be fruitful & multiply, fill the earth and subdue it. Because of this hope, we can claim God’s promises that there would be no miscarriages in the land (Ex 23:26) and that our children would be like olive shoots around our tables because such are the blessings that fall on those who fear God (Ps 128:3-4).

This book would show you how you can reclaim not just the natural harmony that we lost in the garden of Eden but more specifically, the natural harmony that was disrupted when you lost your pregnancy. It is in regaining this harmony that you would be able to improve your chances of a healthy baby and build the family that God wants you to have. This book would help you to heal naturally to become the best version of yourself.


Bridget Marie O. Alabi


Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction: Laying the Foundations

1.1. The importance of healing first from pregnancy loss before trying to conceive again

1.2. You are Strong Enough

1.3. Pregnancy loss: the numbers

1.4. Factors that can affect your natural balance

1.5. You are an expert on your pregnancy

1.6. Restoring your optimal natural balance

1.7. Why the medical approach does not always work after pregnancy loss

1.8. The New Eve Fertility Method

Chapter 2. The New Eve Union: Re-uniting with God who Created You

2.1. God wants our friendship

2.2. Why Did He Allow My Baby to Die?

2.3. Mary as a Role Model

2.4. How can we achieve this union ourselves?

Chapter 3. The New Eve Confidence: Resolving Mental and Emotional Blocks

3.1. Healing from guilt, anger and anxiety

3.2. Installing new, positive thoughts

Chapter 4. The New Eve Diet: Your Natural Healing Food Basket

4.1. The Importance of Food

4.2. The Components of the New Eve Diet?

4.3. The Nutritional Makeup of these Food Groups

4.4. How Much of These Foods Should You Eat?

4.5. The Wild Card

4.6. The Use of Herbs and Supplements

Chapter 5. The New Eve Rhythm: Moving with Nature

5.1. Why Rhythm is Important

5.2. Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle

5.3. Supporting Your Natural Rhythm

Chapter 6. The New Eve Influence – Thriving in the World Around You

6.1. How Our Environment Affects Us

6.2.  How You Can Create a Supportive Environment

Chapter 7. Am I Healed Already?

7.1. You are well on your way

7.2. Fertility Tips for Your Husband

7.3. When you conceive again

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