COVID-19 and the Catholic Woman: Seeing the Pandemic with the Eyes of God.

The world is facing uncertain times with the COVID-19 virus; the pandemic has practically turned our lives upside down. Our kids are at home, we can’t move around freely and in a sense it feels like another Noah’s Ark situation. We are wondering when the floods are going to dry out and it will be safe to venture out again. As if this was not bad enough, we can’t even go to Church, attend Mass and the receive the sacraments. For the first time in known history, Easter services would be watched from home.

It is easy for this to leave us scared, fearful and uncertain and this would be a normal reaction. But I want to invite you to take another approach. As Catholics, we believe that God has the whole world in His Hands and even though it might not look like it, He sees everything that is going on and He is watching over us carefully. It is, therefore, important to see this situation through His eyes. What is He seeing?

I believe that He is seeing something that has happened before in history. God is eternal and even though we might not have experienced a pandemic of this magnitude in recent history, it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened before. To God who is eternal and omniscient, this huge pandemic is just a blip in His eyes. It is something that would pass. It might shape our current realities but it doesn’t define our existence. This is how we also should see this pandemic; it is a tough situation but it is also temporal. It doesn’t define who we are.

Besides, we know that there have been times in which God has actually permitted events like this. We remember the story of Noah and the Ark, the plagues of Egypt and the fiery serpents in the wilderness. There are times when God uses events like this to help to remember the one thing that is necessary (Luke 10:42) because as a people we sometimes forget. We get carried away by our day-to-day living. We forget Him, we sin and sometimes it takes big events to remind us that we are mortal and re-direct our gaze to God. I am not saying that God is punishing the world for something or anything in particular, I am saying that God permits certain afflictions to bring about a greater good. Just like we allow our kids to undergo painful treatments so that they can get better, God sometimes permits painful events to bring about a greater good in His children.

Regardless of how we see this pandemic, our response has to be that of resolute and absolute faith. God, I believe! And if our faith is weak, then it can be ‘God, I believe, help my unbelief’ (cf. Mark 9:24) because God is still God regardless of the current situation and He still knows best even though we might not always understand.

I encourage you to ask God to let you see. Lord that I may see! (Luke 18:41)

 Lord help us that we may see what lessons you want us to gain from these troubling times.

Lord help us that we may see opportunities for personal and spiritual growth rather despair.

Lord help us that we may see the love that you continue to have for us even when fear surrounds us.

Lord help us to see that the only thing that is necessary is knowing, loving and serving you in this world and being happy with you forever in the next. Amen.

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