• Transform Yourself

    Create the foundation for authentic transformation with this masterclass. Learn how God created you to be absolutely awesome and how to you can reclaim that awesomeness. COURSE FEATURES  Lectures – 1  Quizzes – 0  Skill level – All level  Language – English  Students – 1  Assessments – Yes
  • Uncover Who You Are

    A Masterclass to help you to understand your unique talents, skills and calling. COURSE FEATURES  Lectures – 1  Quizzes – 0  Skill level – All levels  Language – English  Students – 1  Assessments – Yes
  • Work with Your Husband to Build Your Family

    You are called to have a family and your husband is an essential part of that mission. God’s original intention was for the union between man and his wife would be always harmonious so that together they could build happy and healthy families. However, original sin happened and one of its consequences was that the harmony both man and woman was broken. In this masterclass, you would be helped to understand how to work with your husband harmoniously by understanding him better. You would understand how to support him to be the husband and father God wants him to be and how he in turn can support you to be the best woman you can be. COURSE FEATURES  Lectures – 1  Quizzes – 0  Skill level – All levels  Language – English  Students – 7  Assessments – Yes
  • Improve Your Egg Quality Naturally

    You want to get pregnant but you have been told (or you suspect) that your egg quality is low. This can be due to several factors like age, genetic factors and hormonal imbalance. The bad news is that using medications like Clomid might stimulate the production of more eggs but that does not mean that the egg quality is better. Besides, there are severe side effects to worry about. The good news is that you can support your body to improve your egg quality naturally by using strategies that are within your reach. In this course, you will learn those natural strategies. There are 5 videos released over 5 days covering each strategy. On average, each video is about 15 minutes long. COURSE FEATURES  Lectures – 5  Quizzes – 0  Skill level – All levels  Language – English  Students – 113  Assessments – Yes
  • How I Went From Pregnancy Loss to Become a Mum of Two

    A masterclass of how I healed from pregnancy loss to become a mum and how you can too. COURSE FEATURES  Lectures – 1  Quizzes – 0  Skill level – All levels  Language – English  Students – 1  Assessments – Yes
  • Healing From Pregnancy Loss

    Healing Emotionally & Mentally from Pregnancy Loss so that you can have the family God wants you to have.
  • Natural Approach to Fertility

    A masterclass on how you can use the naturally approach for conception