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“When women are able fully to share their gifts with the whole community, the very way in which society understands and organizes itself is improved” (Pope St. John Paul II, 1995).

The Catholic Women Network supports women to through different socio-economic & environmental circumstances to become the women God created them to be so that they can transform their families, society and the Church and ultimately glorify God in His creation.

Our Core Values

Women are special

Women are incredibly essential to their families, societies, the Church, & the world. God gave us a unique role to play and the world cannot be a better place if we are able to fulfil this role.

Authentic Femininity

We can become who we are meant to be by looking back to who God created women to be in the Garden of Eden. It also means that when it comes to our health and well-being, we put nature first where possible.

Right to Fulfillment

Every woman regardless of her circumstances has a God-given right to become the best version of herself without poverty, abuse or discrimination. A positive environment is essential to human development.

One Catholic Church

Even though we have different charisms and vocations, we belong to the same Church. We want to bring its apostolic mission to the entire world. We seek to unite and not divide.